Hi there, we are Necropolis Spirits, 2 friends who love spiced rum and dared to wonder how and if we could make our own. We had no industry experience, knowledge or backing yet still pressed on to make our award winning first release, Deid Merchant Spiced Rum.

Follow our story as we go from starting from zero to hopefully becoming one of our countries well known names in the industry, one fuck up at a time.

Our process follows traditional distilling methods, something Scotland is renowned for, and uses the finest ingredients available to us. The pride for our City and passion for our product is at the heart of every bottle.

The Necropolis, our brand’s namesake, is Glasgow's Victorian City of the Dead, a vast and grand cemetery full of ornate graves, and sculptures, that sits on a hill adjacent to the Glasgow Cathedral. The 37 acre Necropolis is the final resting place for over 50,000 souls; amongst them are the merchants, architects and cultural leaders who helped shape the city we know today.

Deid Merchant

Spiced Rum

Our first release, inspired by the rich history of our city remembered in the city's Necropolis, ready for you to enjoy wherever and whenever you like your spiced rum


Banana foam sweets, marshmallow fluff,
wet grass and pear drops.


Fresh cherries, parma violets,
caramel Turkish delight.

The rum’s full bodied fragrant base is a mix of Jamaican, Dominican and Grenada rums. Aberdeenshire Brambleberries and Royal Deeside Honey are added to the distillate to create a unique flavour profile, lime leaf and ginger bring warm spice notes with a hint of citrus.

When the distillation process is complete, water from a spring in the Cairngorm mountains is added before bottling.

Deid Merchants Spiced Rum is smooth enough to be served neat over ice. Our preferred choice though, is with 2 ice cubes and apple juice. Simple but beautiful.

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